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Authors Christine Lynxwiler, Wanda Luttrell, and Pamela Dowd deliver witty, contemporary tales of motherhood and the trappings of "the perfect holiday." in these two delightful compilation books.


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In Done with the Dashing, Pam’s story, (featured in both books) you’ll meet Maggie Mackenzie, for whom Christmas is all about making things perfect for others. Given a valuable lession on caring for herself, Maggie decides to teach her household the truth about giving and receiving. Can she discover “Christmas balance”, or will her family’s antics drive her back to her take-charge ways? 

With an uplifting, encouraging, and challenging message for readers of all seasons, this is one book you won’t want to miss!


Reader Reviews for Done with the Dashing:


“...reminds you of the true reason for the season”

“I haven't yet finished the whole book but I have read Pamela Dowd's part, “All Done With the Dashing,” and I absolutely loved it! She has managed to create a story with characters you will love and can relate to. You will leave this story feeling close to these new friends, your own family and a renewed Christmas spirit. She reminds you of the true reason for the season, and how important a relationship with God is. Her part in this book will remind you to let go and let God. I look forward to reading more work from Pamela.”

~Jessica Thacker, Tennessee

“I breezed through it in one sitting...”

“In her hilarious and touching novella "Done With the Dashing," Pamela Dowd has created a heroine in Maggie Mackenzie -- an overworked, overstressed but endearing mom -- with whom all readers can relate. I breezed through it in one sitting, and promptly did the dishes and straightened the house for my own multi-tasking mother. Highly recommended reading for moms everywhere -- as well as for people who live with moms.”

~J.W. Ferguson, Texas

We have got to have more books by Pamela Dowd!!”

“I took this book to bed with me to read myself to sleep. Instead...I was awake at 1 a.m. finishing "All Jingled Out." I was afraid I was going to wake my family up by laughing hysterically over this story! We have got to have more books by Pamela Dowd!!”

~Becky Dietz, Texas

I loved this whole book...”

“I just finished laughing my way through my reading of "All Jingled Out". The two contemporary stories are ones any wife and mother can identify with.

In "All Done with the Dashing" it takes an almost tragedy for Maggie Mackenzie and her family to let go of some of their holiday traditions in order to enjoy the true meaning of Thanksgiving and Christmas...

I loved this whole book including the titles of the twelve chapters which can be sung to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas". I highly recommend buying this hilarious and heartwarming book to get you in the spirit of the true meaning of Christmas.”

~Rose McCauley, Kentucky

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