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2011 Speaking Events:

    Pam is currently booking speaking engagements for spring and summer 2011. 

    To schedule Pam to speak at your upcoming conference or seminar, please send your event date and information via the contact form.    Pam is available to teach the following workshops:

    Revision and Self-Editing – Serious writers aren’t easily pleased with their work. It’s a constant challenge to stay focused while knocking on the door of a deadline, either self-imposed or actual. In this workshop, Pam examines why books that sell begin with rewritten, not written manuscripts. As Philip Gerard, author of Creative Nonfiction says, “There are no great writers, only great re-writers—so goes the axiom. Revision is both an art and a process . . .”

    They Never Lived; They Never Die
    But Characters Can Seem Immortal
    – It’s time to get into character with this practical, interactive workshop. And maybe, just maybe, discover something new about yourself along the way. After all, just like our character’s lives, our private landscapes are filled with complications, important decisions, and unexpected challenges. Left in the Lord’s hands, these experiences inform our fiction.

    In this workshop, Pam will introduce several interactive quizzes designed to get your ideas flowing, provide you with a multipage worksheet for tracking you character data, teach you how to find your character in a photo, “build” a fictional home and town, develop your character’s faith stance and detailed personal background. Arrive with a character in mind you’d like to explore or grow and leave with your creativity sparked and brimming with fresh inspiration, as Pam helps you explore ways to nail what makes characters memorable and realistic.

    Inspirational Greeting Card Writing 101 – Christian card writers reach the heart with God’s message using a minimum of words—an inspirational challenge for any writer! Pam will help you learn to write sellable greeting card copy and what limiters to avoid.

    Ten Tidbits to Get You Started in Fiction Writing – Want to write a novel, but you’re not sure where to start? Pam offers ten tips to send you down the path to publication. Learn the basics about plotting, setting hooks, point of view, crafting scenes, avoiding clichés, narrative vs. dialogue usage, finding and thwarting your character’s greatest desires, meeting an editor’s needs, and submitting your work.

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