Welcome to my cozy little corner in the “Writing Tips” world.  I hope you’ll find some encouragement for your writing journey here.

I’m often asked how I come up with fresh ideas. This is a great question, and one with more than one answer! I pray, study, muse, ruminate, write, and then pray again. (For more about my creative process, see my Writer’s Digest interview.)

Now let me ask you a few questions:

  • Do you desire to grow as a writer? Check out my Ten Lessons for New Writers page. It’s loaded with helpful links—valuable for writers at every stage in their career.
  • Focused on fashioning unforgettable characters? Then you’re interested, like me, in analyzing personality, developing body language, choosing a career and meaningful names, conveying realistic emotions, gathering visuals, and writing great dialogue. Sharpen your characterization skills with this resource list for Building Three-Dimensional Characters.
  • Looking for a list of the best resources recommended for fiction writers? I know when I started writing I wanted one. Here’s a list of my favorite Fiction Writing Resources, which includes books and websites organized by topic (plotting, characterization, point of view, etc.) along with my picks for the best-ever category.
  • Want to discover some new “favorite” Web sites? I’ve include numerous links here with comments about ways each site will inspire and improve your writing skills.
  • Interested in the greeting card industry? Me, too. Reaching to the very heart of someone with God’s message – meeting their inmost needs at a difficult or joyous time – with a minimum of words is an inspirational challenge! For more information on writing card copy, click here.
  • Does any of your material need revision? (If you answered yes, you’re a serious writer.) For ways to transform your manuscript from bloated to buffed, read Slimming the Fat Cat.
  • Have you discovered any writing soul mates yet? If not, I suggest forming or finding a local or online critique group. I’ve put together some suggestions here to help you reach this goal.


Joni Eareckson Tada once said, “We are never more like our Creator than when we create.” I believe it. The greatest storyteller of all time, “Jesus asked, ‘How can I describe the Kingdom of God? What story shall I use to illustrate it?’” (Mark 4:30 NLT)

So here’s one final question, a challenge for our collective writing journeys:

    What stories will you and I share to illustrate what the Creator has taught us?

I look forward to reading your answers to this question on the bookshelves of the future.

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