A quick disclaimer here: I don’t often read blogs, nor do I travel about in cyberspace a lot. But when I want an adventure apart from my daily life, away from the fictional worlds I create, or when I want to learn something new, or be inspired, these are my favorite websites:

General Links:

http://www.soulscents.us/signup.htm Friend and fellow author, Paula Moldenhauer’s weekly devotional is filled with encouragement.  I recommend signing up for this spiritual feast. For a taste, devotional archives can be found at http://www.soulscents.us Paula also maintains a blog at http://www.gracereign.blogspot.com. Her gentle style will sweeten your journey.

http://www.rsingermanson.com Author, Randy Ingermanson’s Web site is chock full of great writing advice you’ll find nowhere else . Of particular help is The Snowflake Method for Writing a Novel found on this site. In addition, he publishes the informative and entertaining Advanced Fiction Writing E-Zine http://www.advancedfictionwriting.com Don’t let the word “advanced” throw you. His topics provide great fodder for fiction writers at any level.

http://www.right-writing.com Editor and freelancer, Terry Whalin’s Web site contains abundant information about the craft of writing. Once there, you’ll find a subscription to Right Writing News—be sure to subscribe. One trip to Terry’s website won’t be enough. Also, check out his blog site http://terrywhalin.blogspot.com/

http://www.forensicsandfaith.blogspot.com Author, Brandilyn Collins, writes an informative blog packed with writing advice.  She also maintains a Web site http://www.brandilyncollins.com about her suspense fiction career. While there, be sure to check out her miraculous healing testimony!

http://charisconnection.blogspot.com With seventeen highly published Christian authors contributing their personal insights, this blog site is filled with a birds-eye view of the writing life:

http://www.focusonfiction.net Although active content has been discontinued on this site, the many interviews with inspirational authors, plus author links and book reviews that reveal the heart of some of today’s most popular inspirational novelists, are worth seeing. This wonderful site highlights what’s great about Christian fiction today.

http://deborahraney.blogspot.com Author, Deborah Raney, combines her blog and Web site here.  Deb’s site is a great way to get to know this energetic and inspiring writer.

http://www.christianfictionsite.com A site that showcases upcoming fiction releases with live online events.

http://www.americanchristianfictionwriters.com This site is a must for fiction writers.

http://www.relevantprose.com Missionary and author, Mary DeMuth writes both fiction and nonfiction. Her Web site is overflowing with helpful information and encouragement for writers.

http://www.spiritledwriter.com The Spirit Led Writer, an online magazine for writers hosted by Author and Editor, Lisa Crayton was named one of the “101 Best Sites for Writers” by Writer’s Digest magazine (2003-2004).

http://themastersartist.blogspot.com Nine Christian writers who don’t often fit the “Christian Author” mode discuss what it means to write for the Master at this blog site

http://www.jeannedamoff.com Longtime friend, fellow author, and critique buddy, Jeanne Damoff’s site is ever expanding and growing—her writing’s a veritable delight for word hounds.

http://faithinfiction.blogspot.com Dave Long, an editor at Bethany House Publishers, hosts an online discussion for writers of fiction called Faith in Fiction.

http://mywritersgroup.typepad.com Mick Silva, an editor at Waterbrook Press, hosts an online discussion for writers called Your Writer’s Group. One highlight of this site is the ongoing discussion regarding issues and trends in the inspirational market.

http://www.cecilmurphey.com My first writing mentor, Cec Murphy, remains an inspiration to me.  His writing has touched countless lives. To date, he’s published 96 books and 600 articles. This four-book-a-year gentleman understands how to craft a book God can use and how to maintain a humble spirit.

http://www.terriblackstock.com/up_all_night.php Author, Teri Blackstock discusses how she first got started, her testimony, and notes about her favorite characters and over thirty published novels.

http://lisasamson.blogspot.com Author, Lisa Samson gets real on this blog site.

http://www.christianwritersinfo.net Elaine Wright Colvin founded the Christian Writers Information Network, the Professional Association for Writers in 1983 and it’s still growing strong. You can find a bimonthly magazine subscription for the WIN-INFORMER here.

http://www.faithchick.com These fifteen FaithChick™ writers will keep you entertained with their blog-thoughts.   Another four women authors blog here http://www.girlswriteout.blogspot.com/


Writer’s Tools:

http://www.zondervan.com/Books/Detail.asp?ISBN=0310487714 The Christian Writer's Manual of Style

http://writersdigest.com Writer's Digest (Magazine)

http://writersmarket.com Writer's Market (Book)

http://www.thewritermagazine.com The Writer (Magazine)

http://www.stuartmarket.com Christian Writer's Market Guide by Sally Stuart (Book, new edition each year)

http://www.ecpa.org/ACW ACW PressPublishes The Christian Communicator magazine and Advanced Christian Writer newsletter

http://www.grammarcheck.com GrammarCheck tips for improving your writing and grammar skills. Be sure to sign up for the grammar newsletter!

http://www.grammarnow.com GrammarNow provides answers to your grammar and punctuation questions

http://www.babycenter.com/babyname Popular baby names listed by the decade

http://www.glassroadpr.com/index.htm A Christian Public Relations firm run by a former Westbow Press publicist.

 http://www.pulsepointdesign.com If you’re looking to build a Web site, check out PulsePoint Design. This company is run by the former editor of Focus on Fiction magazine as a service to Christian authors!

http://www.christianauthorsnetwork.com/index.html The Christian Authors Network is a nonprofit group dedicated to promoting fiction and nonfiction authors


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